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The information on the page below is OBSOLETE
This information applied to an older way of operating
The wiki's policies and rules are now linked to the main page at Welcome_to_Citizendium.
Try also our help system

Welcome! This is the central launch point for all the pages about the project. From here, you can get started, get technical help, read about content policy, explore our articles and organization.

Launch Point
Explore these pages to get started as a contributor.

Register: application form (Google Account required)
How to start a new article:
Start with subpages: A more advanced way to start.
The Author Role:
The Editor Role:
Introduction to CZ for Wikipedians:
Dozen Essentials: Tips every Citizen should know
Why Citizendium?:

Don't get the weird wiki code? Start here.

A "How-to" index: Having trouble with something? Check here!
How to edit an article: The techie nitty-gritty; MediaWiki markup
Article structure: What is an article anyway?
The Article Checklist: How we keep track of data about articles.
Subpage template: Technical intro to subpages.
A list of the templates we use:
Downloads: Swipe CZ content here.
Technical Team: Our techies.

Guidelines for writing articles and other content.

Approval Standards: What's a good Citizendium article like?
Article Mechanics: a guide to mechanics and style
Subpages: We're not just an encyclopedia
Converting Wikipedia to CZ:
Naming Conventions: Which name should you pick for your article?
Stubs: Short articles are OK, as long as they're not too short.
Citation style: Yes, we use notes; here's how.
How to upload images:
Media Assets Workgroup: The workgroup that manages our media.
Categories: We use them sparsely, mainly for workgroups.
Policy on Self-Promotion:
Disclaimer: We don't guarantee perfection.
Reusing Citizendium Content: CZ is free!

Essential info about us.

Policies: Document that sets out the structure of the project.
About us: A brief explanation.
FAQ: Common questions.
Governance: How the community is run.
Community overview: How the community works.
Workgroups: Article lists and the people who work on them.
Personnel: Editors, Authors, etc.
We aren't Wikipedia: Smaller but better.
Statistics: Our progress, in numbers.
Group Status: Where some of us track our goals.
How your organization can get involved:
Donate: Donations are very welcome.
Press: Press releases, etc.; a page for journalists.
Contact: Talk to us.

Ways to browse our stuff.

Articles we're working on:
Articles editors have approved:
Developed articles:
Ready for approval: Editors, consider approving these.
Recently created pages:
Every page on the website:

We do special projects together.

Core Articles:
Recruitment: Help recruit people to the project!
Approval and Feedback: Plan out how to improve article approval and feedback.
Article of the Week: Nominate and vote for an article for the front page.
New Draft of the Week: Vote for a newly added article for the front page.
Feedback Requests: Ask for feedback!

How we talk to each other; lists, forums, etc.

Talk Pages: Where and how to discuss articles.
Mailing lists: Announcements.
Forum: Announcements and discussions.
(Old forums: forum archive to September 2014.)
Twitter: Feed of official CZ news.

The policies governing what Editors do.

The Editor Role: Basic instructions for editors.
Approval Process: How editors approve articles.
Article Deletion Policy: Explains the grounds for deleting articles.
Editor Application Review Procedure:

Our previous editorial and administrative policy body (no longer active).

Members: The volunteers who oversee our content policy.
Decisions: Decisions reached and motions passed.
Proposed motions: Proposals currently under discussion.

Our community moderators.

Application Review Procedure: How Moderators review Author apps.
Professionalism: Act professionally; here's how.
Blocking Procedures: Moderators in extreme cases can block accounts.
Article Deletion Policy: Article types Moderators can delete.

Notice Board

The Notice Board has been replaced by the Forum. You can still view old notice board messages.