10th Special Forces Group

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10th Special Forces Group was the first field-deployed unit of United States Army Special Forces, commanded by COL Aaron Bank and assigned to the United States European Command, based at Bad Tolz, Germany, Its 1st Battalion is forward-deployed in Europe, now near Stuttgart, with its home base at Fort Carlson, Colorado. As of November 2007, it is under the command of Colonel Darsie Rogers, Jr..

When it deployed to Europe in the 1950s, it was primarily expected to run stay-behind guerrilla networks in Soviet-occupied territory. Many of its soldiers were emigres from the Soviet satellite countries, qualifying for U.S. citizenship under the Lodge Act, and providing a deep reserve of language and area expertise.

It operated in northern Iraq during the Iraq War, under United States Central Command, under then-Colonel Charles Cleveland. Cleveland was succeeded by Colonel Kenneth Tovo.