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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about 2004 Madrid bombings.
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Parent topics

  • Spain [r]: South-west European parliamentary monarchy (population c. 40.5 million; capital Madrid) between the Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay to the north-west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south and east; the Pyrenees mountain range forms the border with France to the north-east, and Portugal is situated to the west. [e]
  • Terrorism [r]: An act, with targets including civilians or civilian infrastructure, intended to create an atmosphere of fear in order to obtain a political objective. [e]


  • Improvised explosive device [r]: A destructive device, not completely made from purpose-built military components, that is intended to cause destruction by means of an explosive charge and perhaps other components that increase damage [e]
  • Radicalization [r]: Political choices that grow from a sense, by individuals (i.e., self-radicalization) or groups in a society, that peaceful methods have brought no political dividends in terms of goals they consider legitimate [e]
    • Self-radicalization [r]: A phenomenon in which individuals become terrorists without joining an established radical group, although they may be influenced by its ideology and message [e]

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