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AFX-645 is an insensitive high explosive being explored by the United States Air Force in insensitive munition applications.

From the fabrication standpoint, is a melt castable formulation which could be easily processed in existing high-rate loading facilities. Its explosive components are nitrotriazolone (NTO), aluminium powder and TNT, with a new wax/surfactant system, I-800/Ganex replacing the conventional D2 wax system. These inert components reduce exudation and off-gassing and enhances the TNT/wax emulsion characteristics, while improving the shock sensitivity, critical diameter and energy of the explosives.

"AFX-645 was developed by balancing energy and sensitivity requirements for surviving sympathetic detonation in the new standard metal pallet. AFX-645 blast performance measured in Mk- 82s approaches that derived from tritonal filled Mk-82s." [1]


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