Abdullah II

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King Abdullah II is head of state of Jordan, or, to identify his lineage, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He is the son of King Hussein (Hashemite).

While he is a devout Muslim of a line descended from the family of the Prophet, he is moderate in his practice. He is critical of extreme takfir. Speaking on behalf of the King, Prince Ghazi, personal envoy and special adviser to the King, spoke to the 17th annual Islamic Fiqh Academy Conference, and said the first priority for them was addressing disunity. "Without this, it would be unreasonable to call for the solidarity and cooperation of Muslims, countries and peoples, on the basis that we are one nation,” The King's speech called for Muslim scholars, attending from 43 countries to fight takfiri ideology, and resist fatwas issued by those not qualified to do so.

If there are those among us who declare the adherents of any madhahib an apostate, or who dare to issue fatwas without being qualified or who do not respect the sanctity of Muslim blood, honour and property, then there should be those who stand up to all these matters that fracture the nation and abuse our faith.[1]


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