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Adina Katz
Born 1978
Occupation Actor, writer, producer, director
Adina Katz (left) was harassed over her resemblance to the woman on the right, who claimed to be a cancer survivor in a political ad.

Adina Katz is a Canadian actor, writer, producer, director.[1]

ML4: A Rare and Devastating Disease

Katz wrote and directed a documentary, ML4: A Rare and Devastating Disease, about a disease her cousin's daughter had been struck with.[2] The film premiered at the 2014 Awareness film festival in Santa Monica, California.

One-woman play "Be a good girl"

Katz started working on a one-woman play about rape, entitled "Be a good girl", in 2014, when she decided to add her voice to the women coming forward with their accounts of rape and other sexual exploitation.[3] The play, which Katz wrote, produced, directed, and performed, is based on her own experience of a date-rape.

It premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival, in 2018, and premiered in Montreal, in 2019.[3][4][5]

Katz harrassment after being the victim of mistaken identity

In August Katz was the target of ill-informed critics, after Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party released a video where a woman, who said her name was Adina, identified herself as a cancer survivor, and praised Scheer's policies on health care.[1][6] Some critics of Scheer leaped to the conclusion that the woman who claimed to be a cancer survivor was actually an actor. Since the woman in the ad bore a passing resemblance to Katz, and they shared a first name, some critics of Scheer leaped to the further conclusion that Katz had agreed to act in the ad, and falsely present herself as a cancer survivor.

Katz described alarming harrassment. However, several of the original critics who started spreading the meme deleted their tweets, and offered her apologies.[1][6]

In an interview on the CBC's As it happens, Katz said she found the apologies unsatisfactory.[7]


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