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This feature has been suspended by Editorial Council motion.

Until May 2011, Citizens had the opportunity to submit articles in word processor format, instead of creating them on the CZ Wiki themselves. The articles would then be converted by other CZ Authors into standard Wiki-code. The reasoning was that people should not have to learn to write Wiki-code to be able to contribute.

For various reasons that system fell into abeyance, which prompted a decision by the Editorial Council to suspend the initiative.

The old policy page which used to be here has been archived to Archive:Email us an article in word processor format.

The text of the decision and the recorded discussion are available at the Editorial Council Wiki.

NB: The Editorial Council motion suspending this initiative allows for its re-activation:

"The initiative can be re-activated by appeal to this Council. Such an appeal should outline a feasible concept of its administration and maintainance, and show that a volunteer maintainer is available for a substantial time."