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This is a list of websites (including blogs) that have posted links to the Citizendium.

If you have linked to us, feel free to add a link to your website, in an appropriate category, below!

Here's a little graphic you could use in your link, courtesy a Citizen: Citizendium 80x15.png

Informational/educational websites

Open Research Projects



An up-to-date (and Google-sorted) list of blog entries on Citizendium can be found here, a similar list compiled by Alexa is here and yet another one here, based on tags at Wordpress. A similar list (also permanently updated) can be found at friendfeed. Quite a few of the entries on these lists are not friendly at all but some of the points they raise may actually help to improve CZ.

Personal home pages


See Citizendium for announcements and here for the latest articles

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