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Note: This policy applies to galleries adjunctive to articles, i.e., on article subpages. For the policy on personal galleries, see Policy on Personal Galleries.

About gallery subpages

Whether they serve as only a supplement to the article text, or are considerably stand-alone in their depth and scope, image galleries provide the minds of readers with lasting depictions of article topics. Through them, a "history in pictures" of World War II or of Italian Renaissance painting may be presented, just as may be a more straightforward gallery showing only photos and the names of parrots or BMW Motorcycles. Throughout, wikilinks should point people to existing and should-exist main articles about the subjects depicted in galleries.

How to add a gallery subpage

To create a gallery subpage:

  1. Navigate to the article space; for example French_fries.
  2. Create the article gallery page: French_fries/Gallery.
  3. Place the {{subpages}} template macro at the top of the page. This will create the Gallery subpage tab.
  4. To place the actual gallery, use the template below:
|caption=Add an optional subheading here.
|Name of image.jpg|Image one caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image two caption goes here
|Name of image.png|Image three caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image four caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image five caption goes here

Each gallery section may contain up to 30 images. Just keep adding images according to the pattern shown above. If you need the number extended beyond 30, just ask, or just be bold if you are sure you know how to do it.

Major headings for galleries should follow the same pattern as with article text. However, to keep table of contents compacted, we want to place subheadings within the gallery box, as provided for in the caption= perimeter, shown above.

The width= perimeter controls the size of the images in the gallery; the lines= perimeter controls how many lines of text may show before a vertical scroll bar appears for images with long captions. Both are adjustable.

Formating standards

See the example gallery. It uses {{gallery-mixed}}, a very easy to use and versatile gallery tool, although it has minor shortcomings as do all gallery tools for MediaWiki to date. While a superior tool is developed, please consider it as your first option.

If you find the tool inadequate for a gallery design you have in mind, however, then by all means please take the charge. You can model alternative designs, and discuss and enlist assistance for media-related development at CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Development.

Guidelines for editing

Be bold!

Both images and text in galleries may be boldly edited by anyone—please feel free to do so. This applies to galleries adjunctive to both approved and not approved articles (yes, this means you may edit approved galleries). When editing well-developed galleries of approved articles, however, you might wish to first discuss your changes, if significant, on the gallery's talk page.

Content of galleries, both the images that appear and the accompanying text, ultimately rests with the relevant area editors, who may be called in to settle disputes.

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