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Let's get started!
You can find an array of Citizendium help pages here, all aimed at explaining "the basics"--what you need to know to get started as a Citizen. Please explore and read, but bear in mind: you can learn a lot by doing, and no one will mind if you make a few mistakes as you do so. Since this is a wiki, mistakes can be easily fixed. Be Bold--and welcome!
Your "getting started" to do list
Things new Citizens should do:
  • Sign up using our application form (Google Account required).
  • Read Quick Start. Short and sweet!
  • Read some of the documents linked below, if you wish.
Join us!
It's easy!
  • Our application form (Google Account required) - We are open to both experts and the general public.
  • User Pages - A bio goes on your user page, which you can edit but must maintain in order to remain a member.
Learn about us
Essential reading. Don't miss these crucial documents. (They're part of the CZ:Organization pages.)
  • About - An introduction to the Citizendium; our goals.
  • Help system - questions and answers to find the help you need.
  • FAQ - A lengthier, question-and-answer style introduction.
  • Policies - The current "constitution" of the Citizendium community.
How to get to work
You don't need to read a thick manual before actually working. We'd prefer it if you just dove in, which you can do, because wikis are easy (really!). But the following documents should clarify your role as author or editor, and give you an idea of where to have your questions answered in the future.
Citizendium culture
We're a community, and we have a culture. Read about what "gets us going" and what "makes us tick."
  • Why Citizendium? - Why should you contribute at all? There are many good answers.
  • Be Bold - If no one is giving out orders, you're free. Freedom requires boldness!
  • Under Construction - This is a new wiki. Things aren't perfect. That's OK--for now.
  • How to collaborate - Collaboration with a global group of colleagues requires finesse.
  • CZ:Group Editing - Commentary on how editing and writing as a group is much different than rough draft/final copy formats that most are used to.
  • Professionalism - We're a pretty friendly bunch.
Learn more
This is just a getting-started page. There's a lot more on the community home page, CZ:Home. Here are some other links to help you get started.

Citizendium Getting Started
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