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For the sake of uniformity, we have a list of subpage types which are recognized system-wide without any special configuration; only subpages on this list are included automatically in the tab navigation bad produced on the top of each page in a cluster by the {{subpages}} template.

The process we use to add subpage types to this list will no doubt develop over time, but we may begin with the following.


  • First, settle on a name for the new subpage type--i.e., something that will appear both at the top of the page and in the URL. For example, "Gallery".
  • Create a sample.
  • Then go to [subpage forum board, will be set up after Council approval] and post a link to the sample and a description of the subpage type, and ask for feedback.
  • By way of elaborating your proposal, create a home for the subpage type, like CZ:Related Articles. This should be in the CZ: namespace and named using the subpage type name you've chosen. There are four required sections for that home page, which may have various subsections. Here are the sections and what to put in them:
  • What are ___? or What are ___ pages? For example, "What are Bibliographies?" and "What are Related Articles pages?" This should be a brief, general description of what someone sees when visiting a subpage of this type.
  • Purpose. A broad, even philosophical, explanation of why such a page are useful, both in general and in the context of the Citizendium, i.e., how such pages help the end user with research.
  • Heading and format standards or, if there are no prescribed headings, just Format standards. Lists any standards, or recommendations, for what headings the subpage should contain; template types used; display-related information about style, fonts, wording, etc. This may and probably should have two or more subsections.
  • Guidelines for editing. This explains to contributors exactly how to go about creating this type of subpage. If there are special instructions about how to fill out a template, they go here. All other types of instructions go here as well. Again, this may and probably should have two or more subsections.
  • The Editor-in-Chief will decide whether the subpage type is important or contentious enough to warrant debate before the Editorial Council. If so, a resolution must be created. If not, the Editor-in-Chief will inform the Council and ask the Council whether discussion and vote is requested (by any member). Again, if so, a resolution must be created.
  • Once the new subpage type has been adopted, the relevant templates, and this page, must be updated.

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