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Should you upload that Wikipedia article to Citizendium?

Citizendium encourages original content, but if you do upload your content from WP, please check the "Content is from Wikipedia?" checkbox when you save the page. Also, please place the WPauthor template at the top of the talk page (see also WPauthor2 template).

Many articles still retain "mirrored" content from WP. If the article has the "Content is from Wikipedia?" checkbox checked, then some of the article's content had previously been uploaded from WP. Please do not uncheck this checkbox. If you are interested in ameliorating this content, please see how to de-WP-ify articles.

Article accuracy

If you are thinking about importing content from Wikipedia, do some fact-checking to ensure that the content is reliable. General reference works such as the Encyclopedia Britannica are a good way to check basic facts about a subject. Specialized reference works are better, though. The standard reference works of a discipline are what experts themselves consult, and tend to reflect current scholarship much better than general works.

Improving articles stylistically

When you rewrite Wikipedia articles:

  • Make sure that the articles are well-written and unified, following a coherent, well-organized narrative, not grab-bags of unintegrated facts.
  • Use engaging language, not the sleep-inducing prose that some people seem to think is required for encyclopedia articles. Avoid stilted or hackneyed expressions.
  • Remember your audience; our goal is to express, not merely impress. Articles on Citizendium are written for the educated person who needs an introduction to the topic--and not for the author to catalog very impressively everything he knows on the topic. Bear in mind that your audience is university-level, unless your topic itself requires a higher-level treatment (cannot be understood "at the undergraduate level").

Also see Differences in style, approach and tone

Improving article mechanics

We follow many of Wikipedia's conventions of mechanics, such as bolding titles--but not all. In particular, we are removing many templates, virtually all categories, and all interwiki links.


Templates should help the user rather than distracting the user.

Delete many template messages--particularly the ones that are for contributors and are self-referential. This includes timing-related messages, expansion requests, and all Wikimedia sister projects.

Other templates to delete include: requesting sources, deletion, disputes and warnings, maintenance, cleanup, and lists.

If you do retain a template in an article you're working on, for an infobox for example, then upload the template from Wikipedia. We will not be uploading the entire Wikipedia template namespace.

Many infobox templates and navigational templates need to be completely revisited. Many are useful, but many are not.


Delete all categories not specifically added for the Citizendium.

Interwiki links

Delete all of these, but keep internal links to other articles in English.


Please upload all usable images from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons along with all licensing information. Do not upload images that do not have clear licensing data. Do not upload images (and delete links to these) that were created by someone who on Wikipedia was using a pseudonym. We must be able to locate the original uploader of all media, and a real name is a minimum requirement. You might be able to get the person to reveal his or her name for our use here on Citizendium; you can attempt to contact the person on Wikipedia.

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