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Current top initiatives

Featured article
Recognition given weekly to a high-quality Citizendium article.
(From the Content Policy pages.) There's a lot more to do here than just write encyclopedia articles. We would like bibliographies, related articles ("see also"), and other subject-appropriate material, such as timelines, lists of works, etc.
Uncategorized pages (pain-free version)
Uncategorized pages show up under this list, but that includes many subpages and so it is difficult to find main articles which are not included in the total number of live articles we have (currently 17,901). This initiative aims to raise the total by identifying 'lost' articles that we already have.


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Requested Articles (fulfilled)
Feedback Requests
Suggest an article for expert approval
Opinions Sought
Request Approved Article Copyedit


A log of our efforts to recruit people en masse to the project.
Mailing List Outreach
A list of mailing lists that we might use to get the word out.
Blog Outreach
A list of blogs we might ask to help get the word out.
Professional Organization Outreach
A list of professional and academics organizations we might approach, and plans to do so.
Recruitment Letter
Letters anyone may use to recruit new contributors to CZ.

Previous initiatives

An effort to get educational institutions to help create Citizendium by making creation of content part of their courses.
Core Articles
A competition to write the 4,000 highest-priority articles.
Workgroup Weeks
A rotating focus on each of our subject areas; efforts include recruitment of new contributors, as well as creation of content.
Monthly Write-a-Thon
Article of the Week
New Draft of the Week
What's Your Article?
What's Your Message?
Stub Week
The Big Cleanup
The Big Speedydelete
The Big Write
Weekly Wiki

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