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This is a proposal for a workgroup and should not be relied upon in any way. It is conjunctive to the proposal for Fair Use Policy, Media.


The idea behind the Media Assets Workgroup is to serve as CZ's "Media Procurement and Permissions Department".

The Media Assests Workgroup actualy functions as the central hub for two different operations. First, the copyright compliance team is located here, and performs the functions of a "go-to guy" for copyright issues. This includes checking to see if new media is copyrighted, obtaining permission to use copyrighted media, and patrolling all media looking for copyright violations. Any violations of copyright will be deleted on sight, and only restored if the uploader can demonstrate that permission has been given.

Second, the "Media Lab" is located here, and assists with altering or creating media. This includes restoring old photographs, brightening or darkening images, creating non-copyrighted images, removing people or objects from photographs, among others.

The Media Lab will not, under any circumstances, alter media, such that it drastically changes the intent of the media. The Media Lab also works to detect any falsified media within CZ, and will delete any falsified media on sight.

Media Lab
Copyright Compliance Team

Media Lab

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