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Workgroups are no longer used for group communications, but they still are used to group articles into fields of interest. Each article is assigned to 1 to 3 Workgroups via its Metadata page. Communications formerly occuring in a Workgroup should now take place in the Forum or in individual article Talk pages.

Physics Workgroup
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The Physics Workgroup will organize and coordinate efforts to create and improve articles relating to Physics. If you are interested in participating, you may add yourself to Category:Physics Authors, then simply dive in and begin contributing!

Please note that information below may be out-of-date.

Physics workgroup tasks

Write a Welcome letter

== Physics Workgroup ==

Hi, I noticed you were editing physics articles, and thought you might be interested to visit the
[[CZ:Physics_Workgroup|Physics Workgroup]].
You'll find there a link that tells you of any changes to physics related articles and hopefully
some other useful info too (still to be expanded).

You might also want to consider putting the following text:
<nowiki> [[Category:Physics Workgroup]] </nowiki>
at the bottom of any physics related articles you write, this makes it appear on the physics recent
changes list. Welcome again!  ~~~~ 

'Dragon' Dave McKee 18:03, 19 March 2007 (CDT)

Recruit more editors and authors

Edit the Physics page and other top pages

Refine the proposed subgroups listed below

Tag other live articles

Use [[Category:Physics Workgroup]]

Proposed subgroups


Atomic, molecular, and optical physics


Chemical physicsPhysical Chemistry

Computational physics

Condensed matter physics

Materials physics

Nuclear physics

Particles and fields

Plasma physics


Core articles

Core articles are those that are as-yet unwritten and so should be prioritised. Please start articles on the topics below. Click here to edit this transcluded list.


Click on the [r] after the first definition below to edit this list of transcluded subtopics.