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This is the old project home page, which we used from the beginning of the project through September, 2007. The new project home page is CZ:Home.

Welcome to the CZ:Project Home page for our community of contributors! Whether you're an author or editor, you should find links to everything important to your job below. Or you can add key links, it's your wiki. You'll find links about how to write or edit, how we relate to Wikipedia, and Citizendium's unique approach to workgroups. This Project Home also can guide you to CZ's initiatives and our various policies, including key policies for authors.

Besides serving as a central directory, Project Home aims to promote collaboration among all of us, newcomers and veterans, constables and other personnel, authors and editors, both within and across workgroups. So, please be sure to check here for collaboration opportunities.

Collaboration Opportunities
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Applied Arts and Sciences

Help and introductory material

How to

The Citizendium and Wikipedia


See also

Project Organization

Workgroups and approval

Governing bodies


Recruitment and Admission


  • Announced: Weekly Wiki: a weekly on-wiki get-together for regular Citizens
  • Started: New Article of the Week: a newly-created high-quality article chosen weekly by vote among Citizens
  • Started: Article of the Week: a high-quality article chosen weekly by vote among Citizens
  • Started: Monthly Write-a-Thon: a wiki-whoopie, a cyber-social, a collaborative kegger!
  • Adopted and under development: Eduzendium: an initiative to attract university professors and graduate students to participate in Citizendium
  • Under discussion and development: Subpage Pilot: an expansion of CZ's scope, would have us add many types of reference information other than encyclopedia articles, all clustered together as "subpages" of the main encyclopedia article page
  • Under discussion: Topic Partners: a framework in which to partner with expert organizations, and solicit support
  • Concluded: The Big Cleanup: cleaned up, tagged, formatted, etc., our articles
  • Concluded: The Big Speedydelete: deleted cruft from our article database


Requests to the community



This section is undergoing revision. See CZ:Community Pages.