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Citizendium's technical staff are responsible for making changes and updates to the wiki software and the servers that host the project.

To contact staff off-site, please use the email below.

Please send email to manager A T .



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  • We have several dozen Authors
  • Number of past authors: (4,657)

<onlyinclude>== Technical Staff ==

Former tech staff:

  • Joshua Sadule (in 2020 if not earlier; on the server side of things; exited Mar. 2022)
  • Francisco Reyes (since March 27th, 2015; exited Mar. 2022; still advises some)

Other positions

About our staff

The Citizendium is run by a collection of volunteers. Pat Palmer and User:John Stephenson are working with an Advisory Team on policy, goals and membership. John Stephenson is handling new account requests, and User:Sergei Chekanov upgraded the software in March 2022; at the same time as the software upgrade, hardware was also upgraded to include SSD drives and a faster processor.

Until 2021, Francisco Reyes and Joshua Sadule worked (along with occasional assistance from others) towards upgrading the server and outdated wiki software, and generously handled many repairs and backups.

In 2020, domain ownership was transferred to Pat Palmer, who expects to continue operating the wiki with a high degree of transparency, with gratitude to all the volunteers helping keep things going. Also since 2020, Citizendium has occasionally paid for professional tech support in upgrading the software behind the wiki.

New volunteers are welcome! Let us know if you'd like to become involved.


Contributors are not paid for writing articles and we have no plans to allow that. The wiki is also free to use and all our articles are available under a free license. We rely entirely on donations from our volunteers and supporters.

In terms of work on the project itself, this is a volunteer project. Occasionally, management has had to pay a contractor briefly for technical work, but mostly we do it ourselves. No one helping manage or run the wiki receives any salary or benefits.

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