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Elle Decor is a spinoff magazine of the popular fashion magazine, Elle. Created in 1989, Elle Decor takes interior design to the next level, giving homes life and personality. The editor in chief is Margaret Russell, a noted fashionista and judge on Bravo’s Top Design With the mixture of fashion and practicality, Elle Decor is a symbol of international styles. Whether it is homes, rooms, or individual pieces, Elle Decor provides the American home with a world market meets 5th Avenue couture. The magazine gives in-depth profiles of today’s top designers, whether they are fashion designers, interior designers, or artists. Something interesting to notice is the meeting of the fashion and design world. Noted fashion designers, in the past five or ten years, have started to create home lines along with a cohesive runway line. However, this does not limit the magazine to running articles and issues solely on the mixing of interiors and fashion, it also focuses on architecture and structural design.

© Image: Elle Decor
Dreamhouse Elle Decor

Each issue begins with a “what’s hot!” section. This two page article is a magazine constant and features the hot products of the month, usually the top 10 or 15. All of these items are so diverse in materials, function, and style that it can only be explained as a global affair. In addition to offering diverse styles, Elle Decor is also very in tune with their readers, giving immense details on all pieces featured in the issue, as well as showroom addresses. The magazine does not only focus on interiors, but architectural structure, travel, dining, and accessories. For example, the December 2009 issue features Denver, Colorado. Accompanying the article is a thorough map, with essential details like: “what to see, where to stay, where to eat, and where to shop” along with addresses and description. It a travel guide for the aspiring fashionista who wants to be and shop at all the city's "hot spots". In addition to the city features, Elle Decor gives the most popular travel spots of the month that include inviting and intriguing photographs that attract a lot of attention.

© Image: Elle Decor
December 2008: Cover.

Elle Decor faces a challenge that some of its designs may be too trendy and too expensive. The magazine tends to become more useful over time, for readers that can discern between what will be a classic, long lasting design, and what is too trendy. This ability will make the magazine more useful and more of a guide to help keep their home looking up to date.

© Image: Elle Decor
Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.

Elle Decor is published by Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. (Also edit: Elle, Elle Girl, Woman's Day, Road & Track)