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Food science concerns everything having to do with the way humans provide, obtain, process, and prepare food. As such, it encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from the growing of agricultural products and the maintaining of domestic animals, to the packaging and formulation of food as products for sale, and even includes cooking. Many aspects are a subdivision of agricultural science, but naturally, as with many subjects of human study, some food science topics fall into other categories as well.

Areas usually considered part of food science

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  • Food Science Australia; “Australia's largest food research and development organisation.” [1]
  • International Union of Food Science & Technology “is a voluntary, non-profit association of national food science organizations linking the world's best food scientists and technologists” [2]
  • Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) – not-for-profit European organization whose stated aim is “to advance the standing of food science and technology as a subject and a profession, and to serve the interests of the public and our members.” [3]