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A list of key readings about H.G. Wells.
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  • Coren, Michael (1993). The invisible man : the life and liberties of H.G. Wells, 1st American ed.. New York: Atheneum. ISBN 9780689121197.  An arch conservative's take on Wells
  • Foot, Michael (1996-10-03). H.G.: the History of Mr Wells. Black Swan, 336. ISBN 0552995304.  Written by a former head of the Labour Party.
  • Wells, H. G. (1984-11). Experiment in Autobiography: Discoveries and Conclusions of a Very Ordinary Brain, Reissue. Little Brown & Co (T), 718. ISBN 0316930318.  Well's autobiography
  • West, Anthony (1984). H.G. Wells : aspects of a life, 1st ed.. New York: Random House. ISBN 9780394531960.  Written by Well's son by Rebecca West.
    • Gross, John (May 6 1984). "WITH MALICE TOWARD MOM". The New York Times. Retrieved on 2008-12-13 -New York Times review of H.G. Wells : aspects of a life.
  • Hammond, John, 2001 A Preface to H.G.Wells, Pearson.
  • Ousby, Ian (ed), 1988, The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English