Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali

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Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali
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Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali is a Somali-Canadian writer.[1][2][3] Ali wrote his first book, a memoir, Angry Queer Somali Boy, while living in a shelter for homeless men in Toronto.[4]

Early life

Ali was born in a traditional Somali family in Somalia in 1985.[5] His estranged father took him from his mother when he was young, and Ali then lived with his father, step-mother, and step-sisters in Abu Dhabi.[4] His father then lied to apply for refugee status in The Netherlands.

While still a youth, his family immigrated to Canada.[4] Ali developed problems with over-using drugs and alcohol.[6]

Writing career

The CBC described his book in an article on important books on mental health.[2]

The Advocate described his book in an article on "The Best LGBTQ Memoirs of 2019".[7]

The CBC placed his book on their recommended reading list for the winter of 2020.[3]


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