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Small Business Majority is an interest group and think tank focused on what it calls "the single biggest problem facing America’s 27 million small businesses: the skyrocketing cost of healthcare." It conducts polls, uses economic modeling to develop policy recommendations, and advocates through its network of small business members. [1]

Data gathering

"ommissions surveys of randomly selected small business owners across the country. The surveys have shown that small businesses are overly burdened by healthcare costs, that they want comprehensive reform now and that they’re open to a variety of solutions."


For their economic modeling, they worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Dr. Jonathan Gruber to project the effects of different healthcare reform scenarios on small business profits, jobs and wages. "The analysis found that compared with no reform, the scenarios would dramatically improve the situation for small businesses—holding down healthcare cost increases, saving jobs, preserving wages and bolstering profits."


  • Small Business Majority works with the White House to organize policy discussions that focus on small business issues.
  • We have testified before House and Senate committees considering healthcare reform legislation.
  • We work with other national business groups and legislative committees to ensure that proposed changes to the healthcare system are beneficial to small business.
  • We partner with business organizations in many states to communicate the specifics of healthcare reform to small business owners and the media.


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