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This article is developing and not approved.
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 Definition Doctrine that all forms of government are undesirable and should be abolished. [d] [e]
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DIrections for approval

Since this has been mentioned on the subgroup page as a priority for Approval, let me refrain, as a Politics Editor, from making any substantive changes to the article, so that I could later nominate it.

I might suggest that anarchism is historically more European, where libertarianism is more American. The first question: are they different aspects of a common theme? If not, how do they differ? I do know a reasonable amount about American libertarian political philosophy -- indeed, my first wife agreed to date me because I was the only person at a Washington DC cocktail party, in 1970 or so, who could coherently talk about libertarianism. That she had previously dated someone who termed himself the "benevolent dictator of a libertarian commune" might have been a warning sign about our relationship. :-)

More as a lower-case editorial matter, I think we should start changing the article so it can clearly be called a CZ article, rather than an import courtesy of its author.

Thoughts? Howard C. Berkowitz 21:31, 20 September 2010 (UTC)