The Addict (book)

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The Addict
Editor Dan Wakefield
Country United States
Language English
Subject Drug addiction
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Fawcett Publications
Published 1963
Pages 191
OCLC 226414526

The Addict: The Physical, Psychological and Social Effects of Narcotic Addiction, is a 1963 non-fiction anthology compiled and edited by author Dan Wakefield, recounting sixteen different points of view concerning the study of drug addiction. Published by Fawcett Premier Publications.

Contributors include writers Nelson Algren, William S. Burroughs (penned as William Lee), pioneer methadone researcher Dr. Marie Nyswander, professor of sociology Alfred R. Lindesmith, biochemist Robert S. de Ropp, clinical psychologist Charles Winick, novelist Alexander Trocchi, addict 'Janet Clark', memoirist Alexander King, sociologist Edwin M. Schur, and journalist Jane Kramer.

The title was reprinted in 1965, 1966, and 1968.


  • 'Janet Clark' - Getting busted.
  • Alexander King - Going to Lexington.
  • Alexander Trocchi - Inside the cave.
  • Alfred R. Lindesmith - Torture by law. Beginnings of wisdom.
  • Charles Winnick - The addict psychology.
  • Edwin M. Schur - The 'British System.'
  • Jane Kramer - The Synanon experiment.
  • Marie Nyswander - History of a nightmare.
  • Nelson Algren - The weaker sheep.
  • Oona Sullivan - A bridge to the addict.
  • Rabbi Joseph R. Rosenbloom - 'Let me know if I can do anything.'
  • Reverend Norman C. Eddy - The Church vs. heroin.
  • Robert S. DeRopp - Torture by the drug.
  • William Butler Eldridge - Myths and facts.
  • William Lee - Feeding the monkey.