United States nuclear program

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The United States nuclear program has an immense range of military, commercial and research efforts, under the general regulation of the U.S. Department of Energy. There is a National Nuclear Security Administration in Energy, but responsigve to the U.S. Department of Defense. Military agencies control nuclear weapons, nuclear propulsion systems on submarines and aircraft carriers, and research programs. There is a large civilian nuclear power program. Radioisotopes and radiation generators are used in a wide range of medical, commercial, and research applications.

Monitoring of worldwide nuclear programs is shared in the United States intelligence community.

Due to this complexity, the major programs need to be detailed in summaries here and in separate articles.

Weapons research and development

For more information, see: United States nuclear weapons.

U.S. nuclear weapons research began in the Manhattan Project during the Second World War.

Weapons deployment and control

For more information, see: Single Integrated Operational Plan.

Military nuclear power

All operational military nuclear propulsion plants are in aircraft carriers, submarines, and training facilities. There were nuclear propelled cruisers, but all have been retired.

Civilian nuclear power

Manufacturing of weapon- and reactor-grade components