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[Redesigning Life/Design Inspirations London, December 10, 2009] [1] [2]

aladin's practice encompasses three broad territories: strategic planning and organisational development; civic engagement; interdisciplinary cultural creation.

Since the 1980s, aladin has been working as an interdisciplinary expert across the public, private and voluntary sectors. He provides counsel, guidance and curatorship to initiatives in strategic planning, organisational development, civic engagement and cultural creation. aladin is based in London but is internationally active - also as a facilitator, speaker, writer and researcher. His work is the recipient of a number of awards, commendations and citations including one for innovation from the Financial Times/Arts+Business.

aladin’s work comprises a very broad, international portfolio of projects and processes to which he has brought eclectic, heterodox approaches at creating solutions. His strategic consultancy work stems from undertaking four years of advanced post graduate research in global economy as well as in strategic aspects of international relations at the London School of Economics, from which he also graduated. Alongside his academic and commercial interests aladin began undertaking youth and community development work (initially as a volunteer) and also developing an active practice as an interdisciplinary artist.

Selected work:

aladin helmed the development of the first ever integrated strategy for Culture, Media, Sport, Arts, Heritage and Tourism in London – he was directly appointed by the Mayor of London to the Chair/Co-Chair role at the Cultural Strategy Group for London between 2000-4 which saw him lead influential processes and take key policy decisions across the board – including in regard to the Olympics, diversity policy, investment in the creative industries and cultural quarters and sustainable development.

aladin is a co-founder of the sustainability coalition London United which has had a role as ‘critical friend’ to a number of bodies considering significant initiatives relating to climate change and sustainable development. These partners have included: Tate Modern; ARUP; the Department for Culture, Media and Sport; the London Design Festival; 2gether Festival for Channel 4/The Guardian.

As a practitioner and leader aladin has over 20 years helped develop action research community development projects with individuals and communities at the risk of social exclusion. Between 1990-3 he led the youth and community development projects across 20 inner city public housing estates in Southwark, London for the social action charity Cambridge House and Talbot and over the same period did the equivalent with the organisation Peuple et Culture in La Paillade, Montpellier.

aladin had a de facto advisory role with governments, international institutions and the boards of global corporate entities during the international banking crises of the early 1980s when the international financial system was heavily exposed to developing country debt default.

aladin is an active interdisciplinary artist whose projects have been featured in London at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, the South Bank Centre, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Hayward Gallery amongst others. As a magician aladin’s acclaimed sleight-of-hand skills of prestidigitation have featured in the Universal Pictures movie ‘Magicians’ and the triple Webby Award-winning ‘Book of Cool’ and been the subject of extensive profiles in The Times and The Sunday Times amongst others.“Mystical cardmeister” (The Times, London); “Extraordinary magician” (The Sunday Times, London)

aladin has lived in Geneva, Paris, Prague, Baghdad, Algiers, Calcutta, Delhi, Lahore, Karachi, Dhaka, London and Washington. His mixed heritage embraces but is not limited to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Middle East as his mother came from Dhubri, Assam (in the East of India) and his father had some Syrian ancestry but was primarily from Kishoreganj, East Bengal (which became East Pakistan and then Bangladesh.

Full biography at [3] and [4] .

[World Petroleum Council, Paris, 20 November 2009]