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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

I am a Geotechnical Engineer licensed (and practicing) in the State of California. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. Civil Engineering in 1991.

I live in Alameda, California, and have lived all of my adult life in the East Bay Area.

I dance, primarily vintage ballroom and Irish ceili, but am also familiar with English Country Dance, swing, tango, Irish stepdance, and some ballroom Latin dance.

I am a contributor at Wikipedia, and have made significant contributions to the Wikipedia articles on geotechnical engineering (and related topics), some articles on construction and construction materials, Irish dance, Irish stepdance, articles on Alameda and Oakland, and minor contributions on articles about a few places in Colombia, and various political topics. I expect to contribute to the articles on similar topics here, mostly excepting the political articles.


Started from Wikipedia articles

I've started the following Citizendium articles using parts of the Wikipedia articles of the same name:

I've created the following article concurrently with rewriting the article of the same name in Wikipedia; as I am the author of the text, the article below is not subject to Wikipedia licensing restrictions.

I've created the following article using (or attempting to) only my contributions to the article of the same name on Wikipedia:

Started de novo

All these, I've started effectively de novo, sometimes using public domain information primarily from U.S. goverment sources:

Expanded articles started by others

I've significantly expanded (or heavily contributed to) the following articles:


I've contributed a number of images to Citizendium; both photos I've taken and images found elsewhere created by others. The images are in two galleries here.

For my reference

I release all my contributions to Citizendium, including those texts which I originally wrote for Wikipedia, under the Creative Commons CC-by-SA 3.0 Unported license. In other words, I retroactively apply the Citizendium license retroactively to all work I created which I have contributed here.


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~ Plans ~
Short term plans
1. Work on geometry articles
Longer-term plans
1. Work on Earthquake
2. Work on elasticity (physics)
3. Work on Munsell Color Order System
4. Work on other geotechnical, geological, and Colombia topics
~ Roles and notes ~
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Notes to self
Cyrillic Alphabet Serbian, Croatian, Bosniak Phoenician alphabet Mt. Diablo Meridian and Base Line Alphabet reform in Azerbaijan Modern color models Color of soil Crystal lattice structures how do atoms pack latitude & longitude Millions march to resist FARC
Public notes : Notre Dame Architecture Library, public domain lantern slides from early 1900s