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Notice to all Citizens

The Managing Editor, on behalf of the Citizendium Council, called an election to fill one Council seat and to allow referenda on how this project is run. The Election Committee appointed to run this election comprised John Stephenson and Hayford Peirce.

Citizens nominated a candidate and proposed referenda. The ballot was authorised by the Managing Editor.

Results are available below. All ballots were destroyed after the required 90-day retention period.

Eligibility to participate

Members were eligible to vote in this election if they maintained an unblocked account on this main wiki in their own real name and created at least 30 days before the election commenced (i.e. on or before May 15th, 2015; see the elections procedure).

Citizendium Council election

Any Citizen in good standing is eligible to fill a Citizendium Council seat. One seat was available, with a term ending on June 30th, 2017.

The elected candidate will commence a term of office which begins on July 1st, 2015.

There was one candidate for one seat on the Citizendium Council. This candidate was subject to an approval vote, in which voters specified yes or no to approve or not approve that candidate.


Citizens proposed referenda on how various aspects of this project are run. According to the Charter, referenda are proposed in one of two ways:

1. Any Citizen may petition the Citizendium Council that contested rules or guidelines be submitted to a referendum. The Council must have jurisdiction over the contested matter. The Council may, by simple majority vote, submit the referendum to a vote of the citizenry at the next regular election.
2. A referendum may be initiated by a group of Citizens corresponding in size to 20 percent of the number of voters in the previous election. The Citizendium Council must include a valid citizen-initiated referendum in the next regular election. Failure to do so will automatically pass the referendum which shall then become official policy and enforceable. This charter may not be amended by a failure of the Citizendium Council to submit a referendum to a vote.

To view the referenda in detail, see the referenda page.

As nine voters participated in the last election, two supporters were required for each referendum proposal.


The timetable for the election is as follows:

  • Begin accepting nominations and referenda at 00:01 UTC on Sunday, May 24th 2015;
  • Close the period for nominations and referenda and for candidates to accept their nominations and draft their statements at midnight UTC on Saturday, June 6th 2015;
  • Referenda may be supported or amended until the Council or Managing Editor authorises the ballot;
  • Have the ballot prepared and begin accepting ballots from eligible voters from 00:01 UTC on Sunday, June 14th 2015;
  • Stop accepting ballots at midnight UTC on Saturday, June 20th 2015;
  • Release and ratify the results by midnight UTC on Saturday, June 27th 2015.

Election and referenda

Council candidate

Russell D. Jones accept Russell D. Jones (talk) 19:02, 1 June 2015 (UTC) No official statement submitted[1]

Referendum proposals

The election included voting on the following referenda. Citizens could support or oppose each one by indicating 'Yes' or 'No'. For referenda that propose to modify the Citizendium Charter, a two-thirds majority of valid votes is required under Article 37. Non-Charter referenda require a simple majority of valid votes to pass. Please note that there is no 'Referendum 1'.[2]

Referendum 2: Institutionalizing Citizendium’s Verified Real Names Requirement

Proposed by Russell D. Jones

This referendum proposed to modify the Charter.

The details of this referendum appear here; comments appear on the Talk page.

Referendum 3: New article approvals process

Proposed by John Stephenson

This referendum did not propose to modify the Charter.

The details of this referendum appear here; comments appear on the Talk page.

Referendum 4: Additional responsibilities of the Managing Editor

Proposed by Anthony Sebastian

This referendum did not propose to modify the Charter.

The details of this referendum appear here; comments appear on the Talk page.

Referendum 5: Temporary appointments to the Council

Proposed by John Stephenson

This referendum proposed to modify the Charter.

The details of this referendum appear here; comments appear on the Talk page.


13 voters participated in the election. All votes were valid. The results of the election are as follows:

Council seat

Russell D. Jones

Yes No Result

Referenda results

Two referenda sought to modify the Charter, so required two-thirds majorities of valid votes to pass; the other two required only simple majorities.

Referendum 2 (real names; two-thirds required)

Yes No Result

Referendum 3 (article approvals)

Yes No Result

Referendum 4 (Managing Editor responsibilities)

Yes No Result

Referendum 5 (appointments to the Council; two-thirds required)

Yes No Result

The Election Committee agreed on the above results and submitted them to the Managing Editor, Anthony Sebastian, for audit. The Managing Editor approved the results on behalf of the Council on June 22nd, 2015.


  1. Election rules do not prohibit candidates from making unofficial statements elsewhere.
  2. See the Managing Editor's statement.