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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

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~ Welcome to my CZLoopingAnim1.gif userpage ~

Today is Wednesday, November 22, 2023
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  • AOL: stephenewencz
  • ICQ: 445223653
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  • Skype: stephenewen
  • Yahoo!: stephenewen

I can be easily reached at the website of my recent project, UberStudent Linux.

It's unlikely I will respond timely to talk page messages without an email prod.

I can also be networked with @

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Stephen Ewen - "Egads! Talk page conflict!" Photo © by Stephen Ewen.

Greetings! I have been at Citizendium since the private pilot began. I held the role of Assistant to the Chief Constable for over a year, and now only have the time to author occasionally. I do this because educators educate, and vocationally I am an educator.

I am a major contributor to:

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  • M.Ed., Adult Learning and Global Change, University of British Columbia
  • B.A., Anthropology, Political Science, Florida Atlantic University Honors College,