2009 White House Forum on Health Reform

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On 5 March 2009, President Barack Obama opened the 2009 White House Forum on Health Reform. [1]

Breakout groups

attendees will divide into five breakout groups to discuss ideas on how to bring down health care costs and increase coverage. Below is a list of participants in each breakout group as well as all attendees. Each session will have writer pools present; all five will be webcast on whitehouse.gov and one session will be carried by C-SPAN, which has opted to share footage with other television media outlets

Breakout Group 1

Moderators: Melody Barnes and Bob Kocher

Breakout Group 2

Moderators: Valerie Jarrett and Zeke Emanuel

Breakout Group 3

Moderators: Peter Orszag and Eric Shinseki

Breakout Group 4

Moderators: Nancy-Ann DeParle and Diana Farrel

Breakout Group 5

Moderator: Larry Summers and Neera Tanden


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