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We have thousands of articles of many different types. Here is a handy "list of lists."
CZ Live
Articles we have worked on; we haven't just imported them from Wikipedia only to let them sit. This is the vast majority of our articles.
Supplementary reference material (such as bibliographies and external links). Useful if you are looking for a certain type of information.
Articles by discipline
See Workgroups (always linked on the left) for lists of articles in various disciplines.
Articles by "status"
Most Citizendium articles feature The Article Checklist, which tracks data about the article itself--including how well developed it is. Here are some lists of articles according to status:

See also: CZ:Unchecklisted Articles

Variants of English
Articles listed according to which variety of English they are written in.
Articles to Approve
Articles that are currently undergoing the approval process.
Ready for approval
A list of developed articles that may be ready to be nominated for approval.
Basic Article List
A list of articles that need to be created if we are to be considered a useful basic encyclopedia.
Top Google search queries
Short lists of Google searches on which we ranking highly, and searches from which we get a lot of traffic.
"The whole enchilada," all pages on the website. Note that you can list pages in just particular namespaces.

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