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Versions of some Citizendium articles were nominated for 'approval' by recognised experts within the community. Such articles (148 at present) were tentatively declared to be of reasonably high quality and so were placed on a locked subpage of the main article to prevent further editing. The main article remains open for further updates and improvements, and may itself be approved and replace the earlier version. Minor errors in approved versions, such as typos, can be corrected.

Previously, the main article was locked to prevent editing, and improvements appeared on a draft subpage. The community voted to swop around the main and draft versions by referendum in August 2013, so that the main article is always the latest version and can be edited, while the subpage is locked.

No longer active policy

As of 2022, Citizendium is not creating any more Citable articles. Existing Citable articles deemed to have fallen out of date are slowly being retired.

Back when Citable articles were still being approved, we kept a list of articles nominated for approval and a description of the approval process, and we tracked the development of Citable articles at Approvals Announcements.

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