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The information on the page below is OBSOLETE
This information applied to an older way of operating
The wiki's policies and rules are now linked to the main page at Welcome_to_Citizendium.

To get involved with the community, use:


  • For those who wish to report bugs and enhancement requests directly, use the forum, or the email below.

Please send email to manager A T .


How to get involved

It's not hard to get plugged in to the community. This will make your work here more fun. But you'll probably need a few pointers about where "the action" is going on.

The serious fun of wiki-watching consists largely of following developments on the recent changes page, linked on the left under "project pages". Virtually everything that goes on on this wiki can be observed from a God's-eye perspective there. You can see what articles other people are working on. You can see if articles you have been working on have been changed. (Changes to an article will appear bolded if you "watch" the article: see the "watch" tab above every article.) You can see who has been active (and when!). And as a result of all this, you can join in with others! If an article on a topic you're interested in is under development, you can add your wisdom.

Talk about policy and community issues on the CZ forum. This is the big community discussion area; you're bound to find both something of interest to you and someone who will discuss it with you. If you want to see the latest discussions, click All recent posts on any page.

To have all the latest project-wide announcements, make sure you're subscribed to cz-all-users on Google Groups: this is members-only, if you need an invitation, e-mail the list owner.

Also check out:

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