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Citizendium is a collaborative project. We don't assign articles. Instead, we work together on community-built introductory narratives.

Wiki editing is different from the method of composition that most of us have grown used to in our schooling. Many of us have grown used to people giving feedback to an author who is looking for help. The author brews the ideas for a while, then decides what edits he or she likes, and makes the appropriate changes.

Composition on a wiki is different. Once an article has been entered in the main article area, users from around the world can and should not only read it and make comments on the article, but also add to, or modify the article. It is nice to summarize the change on the talk page, and for a drastic change to a developed article it may be appropriate to discuss on the talk page before making the change. However, everybody is encouraged to "be bold" and make changes directly to articles!

Group editing applies to almost all articles on Citizendium. A few exceptions exist where one needs to be careful:

  • Articles developed in a Citizen's sandbox—these are strictly off-limits to everyone except the Author. Once they are moved out of the sandbox, they can be edited by others.
  • Eduzendium projects sometimes lock articles to allow students involved in the Eduzendium project to work on an article directly. Please observe the Eduzendium notices at the top of articles.

With these minor exceptions in mind, get editing!

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