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Majoring in business management at a local college. Political activist since 2004 who's voted 3rd party in 2004 and 2008. Socially conservative, fiscally liberal, an independent who relates most to pro-life Democrats, then to the Constitution Party, and otherwise to Republicans. Have worked in over half a dozen U.S. Census Bureau operations and variously as a proofreader, a QA in a manufacturing plant, and a demolition worker taking down drywall. Played independent league baseball for the NAHA league (Reds) in 2009 and attend major league baseball tryouts when available.

My political views are detailed here. I wrote an e-book prior to the 2010 elections called 'The Zambrano Report' that provides economic solutions to fixing the U.S. economy, examines controversies surrounding Barack Obama, analyzes the voting records of all Congressmen up for re-election, and looks at the issue of abortion on a point-by-point basis.

My book is online at RePEc, DocStoc, Scribd, and Yudu.

My internet tag name is 'Jzyehoshua' which my ID would have been here if not for the requirement of using one's own name.

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