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  • Abampere [r]: Unit of electric current in the cgs-emu system of units; symbol abA; 1 abA = 10 A. [e]
  • Ampere (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Ampere's equation [r]: An expression for the magnetic force between two electric current-carrying wire segments. [e]
  • André-Marie Ampère [r]: (Lyons 20 January, 1775 – Marseilles 10 June, 1836) French physicist and mathematician best known for his work in electricity and magnetism. [e]
  • Coulomb (unit) [r]: SI unit of electric charge; symbol C; 1 C = 1 A⋅s. [e]
  • Electromagnetism [r]: Phenomena and theories regarding electricity and magnetism. [e]
  • Energy (science) [r]: A measurable physical quantity of a system which can be expressed in joules (the metric unit for a quantity of energy) or other measurement units such as ergs, calories, watt-hours or Btu. [e]
  • Gaussian units [r]: A centimeter-gram-second system of units often used in electrodynamics and special relativity. [e]
  • Henry (unit) [r]: SI unit of inductance; symbol H; 1 H = 1 Wb/A. [e]
  • Volt [r]: SI unit of electrical potential; symbol V; 1 V = 1 W/A = 1 J/C. [e]
  • Watt (unit) [r]: SI unit of power; symbol W; 1 W = 1 J/s = 1 A⋅V [e]