Animal fancy

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Animal fancy is interest in, and particularly devotion to, the keeping and or breeding of animals. It is usually distinguish from animal husbandry, which is a branch of agriculture concerned with the production and maintenance of domestic animals. Animal fanciers usually concern themselves with pet animals, although they must of necessity become involved with animal husbandry matters as well, such as the welfare and housing of animals.

The term fancy is often used with the specific species name, i.e. dog fancy, cat fancy.

Professions and para-professions and hobbies involving animal fancy


  • Breeding
  • Grooming
  • Showing/Exhibiting
  • Trialling


  • Food
  • Housing: Aquaria, Cages, Catteries, Kennels, Tanks
  • Supplies: Bedding, Chains, Collars, Leads, Runs, Toys
  • Health products: Anti-vermin, Shampoos, Toothbrushes