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The Healing Arts Workgroup was abolished by the Editorial Council in December 2010.

Articles previously included here are now assigned to the Complementary and alternative medicine Subgroup and/or Pseudoscience Subgroup.

Workgroups are no longer used for group communications, but they still are used to group articles into fields of interest. Each article is assigned to 1-3 Workgroups via the article's Metadata.

Healing Arts Workgroup
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Welcome to the healing arts workgroup. This workgroup is interested in all articles that have a primary focus on topics that provide care to health problems, as does (of course) the health sciences, and - frequently- the biology workgroup. Unlike the health sciences workgroup, this workgroup is open to editors who are expert in non-scientific means of therapy, including some forms of psychotherapy, and alternative medical care. It is also open to practitioners of the health sciences, who are well aware of the "art" part of Medicine, Nursing and other healing arts that are firmly based in science. Nancy Sculerati MD

Below is a partial list of articles that are in various states of completion, each begging for your participation. Please feel free to add to it (alphabetically) as you begin your journey.

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Alternative Medicine
  3. Chiropractic
    1. Chiropractic History
    2. Daniel David Palmer
    3. Spinal adjustment
    4. Vertebral subluxation
  4. Complementary Medicine
  5. Homeopathy
    1. Samuel Hahnemann
  6. Massage Therapy
  7. Meridian (Chinese medicine)
  8. Naturopathy
  9. Nursing process
  10. Reflexology
  11. Spinal manipulation