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A list of key readings about Atlantis.
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This is a bibliography of major works on Atlantis.

  • Ellis, Richard (1999) Imagining Atlantis. New York: Vintage Books. ISBN 0-375-70582-3
  • Joseph, Frank (2002) The Destruction of Atlantis: Compelling Evidence of the sudden fall of the Legendary Civilization. Rochester, VT: Bear & Company. ISBN 1-59143-019-3
  • King, David (2005) Finding Atlantis: a True Story of Genius, Madness and an Extraordinary Quest for a Lost World. New York: Three Rivers Press. ISBN 1-4000-4753-6
  • Mavor, James W. (1996) Voyage to Atlantis: the Discovery of a Legendary Land. Rochester, Vt.: Park Street Press. ISBN 0-89281-634-1
  • Ramage, Edwin S. (1978) Atlantis, Fact or Fiction?. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. ISBN 0-253-10482-3