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A list of key readings about Authorized Version.
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Complete texts (including Apocrypha). In each textual family books in print are listed first, followed by internet versions.

  • 1611 textual family
    • photographic replica: [1]
    • The Authorised Version of the English Bible 1611, 5 volumes (available separately), Cambridge University Press, originally published 1909, transcribed from an original copy, corrected from two others: [2]
    • 400th-anniversary edition (source(s) unspecified), Oxford University Press: [3]; this edition carefully preserves the original misprints, including upside-down letters
    • Hendrickson 400th-anniversary edition: [4]
    • Nelson 400th-anniversary edition: [5], [6]
    • searchable online transcript from unspecified source(s): [7]
    • images of original copy: [8]
    • images of copy of 2nd printing: [9]
  • 1769 textual family
    • Cambridge text: [10], [11]; as Cambridge holds the licence as King's Printer of Bibles for England this might be considered the "official" Church of England text
    • Oxford World's Classics edition, omits marginal notes: [12]
    • Norton critical edition: [13]; includes notes on archaic words and meanings; Cambridge text
    • searchable online Oxford text: [14]
  • 1873 textual family
    • Cambridge Paragraph Bible: [15]
  • 2005 textual family
    • New Cambridge Paragraph Bible, 2011 revision: [16]; electronic version [17]
    • Penguin Classics edition, using the 2005 text with some corrections, and omitting the marginal notes: [18]
  • unspecified

The number of editions without Apocrypha is enormous. Nearly all belong to the 1769 textual family.


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