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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Europe.
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  • Commonwealth of Independent States [r]: Regional organization, founded in 1991 by Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, whose participating countries are former Soviet Republics. [e]
  • European Central Bank [r]: The central bank for Europe's single currency, the euro, whose monetary policy is primarily required to maintain the euro's purchasing power. [e]
  • European Economic Area [r]: (EEA) The outcome of an agreement that links Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein to the European Union's common market, and covers freedom of movement of goods, persons, services and capital, social policy, consumer protection, and environment policy, but not agriculture and fisheries. [e]
  • European Free Trade Association [r]: (EFTA) Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (members of the EFTA convention, covering trade investment and the free movement of persons). [e]
  • European Union [r]: Political and economic association of 27 European states. [e]
  • European Environment Agency [r]: An agency of the European Union (EU) established as a major source of information and data for developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy by member European countries. [e]
  • Eurozone [r]: The member states of the European Union that use the euro as their common currency (Belgium, Germany¸ Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Finland) [e]
  • Newly Independent States [r]: (NIS) The countries that were formerly Soviet republics; sometimes used excluding Russia and the Baltic states. [e]
  • Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe [r]: (OSCE) An organisation for preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention and crisis management, and post-conflict reconstruction, comprising member countries of the Council of Europe together with the United States and Canada. [e]


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