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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Fractal.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.

Selected external links

Multiplatform generator programs

  • Xaos — free fractal real-time browser for Windows, Mac, Linux; supporting zooming and animation in real time, featuring autopilot. GNU GPL licensed.
  • FLAM3 — free advanced iterated function system designer and renderer for all platforms. Windows binaries available. GNU GPL licensed.
  • Fract — A web-based fractal zoomer, sending calculated images as bitmaps to the browser. Rather slow.
  • Online Fractal Generator — Java applet drawing Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Rather slow. Closed sourced.
  • Online Fractal Explorer — A fast web-based mandelbrot explorer. Generated fractals can be saved, commented and rated in users gallery. Closed sourced.

Linux generator programs

Windows generator programs

  • Fractovia's listing of fractal generators is a fairly complete listing of free fractal generators.
  • Ultra Fractal — software for Microsoft Windows. Free trial version available.
  • Apophysis — A free flame and IFS fractal generator. Used for creating fractal artwork. GNU GPL licensed.
  • ChaosPro — freeware for Microsoft Windows featuring real-time exploration, animation and more
  • MSPlotter — a freeware Windows-based fractal generator, using fractals to create bitmap images and AVI video clips.
  • Fractal Explorer — freeware Windows-based generator. Closed sourced, with source available for a fee.
  • Yet Another Fractal Explorer — free Lyapunov fractal renderer with zooming feature. GNU GPL licensed.
  • Chaoscope — freeware 3D strange attractor rendering software for Windows
  • VisualBots — Freeware multi-agent simulator in Microsoft Excel. Samples include Mandelbrot Explorer and fractal tree projects.
  • Fractint — freeware fractal generator for DOS and Windows, with a port to Linux available
  • Ktaza — freeware for Microsoft Windows
  • Fractal Forge — a free fractal generator. Capable of animations, but with low quality. GNU GPL licensed.
  • Pythagorean - a free fractal generator, open code; a strategy switch.
  • Drive Mandelbrot 3 - a free fractal generator with simple depth mapping.

Mac generator programs

MorphOS generator programs