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A list of key readings about Gustavus Franklin Swift.
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Further reading

  • Lowe, David Garrard (2000) Lost Chicago. Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, New York ISBN 0823028712.
  • Neilson, Helen Louise Swift (1937) My Father and My Mother. The Lakeside Press, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sinclair, Upton (1906) The Jungle. Signet Classics, New York, New York. ISBN 0451528042.
  • Swift, Louis Franklin and Arthur Van Vlissingen (1927) The Yankee of the Yards: The Biography of Gustavus Franklin Swift. A.W. Shaw and Company, Chicago, Illinois — provides a history of Chicago’s meat packing industry from the viewpoint of the son of the founder of the largest packing company in the world.