Hugo Gernsback

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Hugo Gernsback (August 16, 1884 – August 19, 1967), born Hugo Gernsbacher, was a magazine editor, inventor and entrepreneur.

Born in Luxembourg, Gernsback immigrated to the United States in 1904. Trained in electrical engineering, Gernsback came to America hoping to market a dry cell battery he had invented. He soon found himself marketing radio equipment and electronic supplies.

From publishing a catalogue for his electrical supply house, he went to publishing magazines aimed at the radio hobbyist. Gernsback began publishing scientific fiction as a means of educating his readers about science, and established the first successful science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories. He effectively coined the term science fiction for the genre which had previously been known by terms such as "scientific romance", though rare instances of its use have been found as far back as 1848.[1]


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