International relations

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International relations is an interdisciplinary field, involving the social sciences (especially political science), international law,economics, health sciences, and the practice of grand strategy of which the military is part. With the increasing role of groups other than nation-states, to include international organization, multinational corporations, quasi-states and international radical groups, it covers more than the relations among traditional nations, but among nations and actors on the international stage.

It is a superset of grand strategy, which often seeks to deter or compel other actors, in that the practice of peaceful international relations often includes active multilateral cooperation.

International agreements

A huge body of law and custom governs international relations, as well as extralegal actions.

Among the significant agreements that govern conduct include the Geneva Conventions, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, etc.

Statements of principle include the United Nations Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subordinate treaties.

International economics

For more information, see: International economics.

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