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A list of some works of Lois McMaster Bujold.

Novels (and books) are shown in italics; novellas are shown in "Roman quotes". The "No." column reflects the internal chronological order; the "Year" column is the year published.

Vorkosigan stories (24)

No.  Title  Year  About  Notes  Awards  Nominations 
1 "Dreamweaver's Dilemma" (novella) 1995 Anais Ruey in Dreamweaver's Dilemma (omnibus G)    
2 Falling Free 1988 Leo Graf set about 200 years before Miles Vorkosigan Nebula[1] Hugo[2]
3 Shards of Honor 1986 Cordelia Naismith in Cordelia's Honor (omnibus A)    
4 Barrayar 1991 Cordelia Naismith in Cordelia's Honor (omnibus A) Hugo[3]; Locus SF[4][3] Nebula[5]
5 The Warrior's Apprentice 1986 Miles Vorkosigan      
6 "Mountains of Mourning" (novella) 1989 Miles Vorkosigan in Dreamweaver's Dilemma (omnibus G), and book-with-framing story Borders of Infinity (#14) Hugo[6]; Nebula  
7 "Weatherman" (novella) 1990 Miles Vorkosigan first story in The Vor Game (#8)    
8 The Vor Game 1990 Miles Vorkosigan includes "Weatherman" (#7) Hugo[5] Locus SF[5]
9 Cetaganda 1995 Miles Vorkosigan     Locus SF[7]
10 Ethan of Athos 1986 Ethan Urquhart Miles Vorkosigan is only mentioned. Elli Quinn appears.    
11 "Labyrinth" (novella) 1989 Miles Vorkosigan in book-with-framing story Borders of Infinity (#14)    
12 "Borders of Infinity" (novella) 1989 Miles Vorkosigan in book-with-framing story Borders of Infinity (#14)    
13 Brothers in Arms 1989 Miles Vorkosigan      
14 Borders of Infinity 1989 Miles Vorkosigan includes "Mountains of Mourning" (#6), "Labyrinth" (#11) and "Borders of Infinity" (#12) linked by a framing story    
15 Mirror Dance 1994 Miles Vorkosigan   Hugo, Locus SF[8]  
16 Memory 1996 Miles Vorkosigan     Hugo, Nebula, Locus SF[7]
17 Komarr 1998 Miles Vorkosigan      
18 A Civil Campaign 1999 Miles Vorkosigan     Hugo, Nebula, Locus SF[9]
19 "Winterfair Gifts" (novella) 2004 Armsman Roic last story in Miles in Love (omnibus D)    
20 Diplomatic Immunity 2002 Miles Vorkosigan revisits the Quaddie world of Falling Free (#2) long after its founding   Nebula[10]
21 Captain Vorpatril's Alliance 2012 Ivan Vorpatril     Hugo[11]
22 The Flowers of Vashnoi 2018 Ekatarin Vorkosigan      
23 Cryoburn 2010 Miles Vorkosigan     Hugo [12]
24 Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen 2016 Cordelia Naismith      

Omnibus books, Vorkosigan (9)

Key  Omnibus  Year  Contents  Notes 
A Cordelia's Honor 1996 "Shards of Honor" (#3), "Barrayar" (#4), and an afterword by the author  
B Miles, Mystery and Mayhem 2001 Cetaganda (#9), Ethan of Athos (#10), and "Labyrinth" (#11)  
C Miles Errant 2002 "Borders of Infinity" (#12), Brothers in Arms (#13), and Mirror Dance (#15)  
D Miles in Love 2008 Komarr (#17), A Civil Campaign (#18) and "Winterfair Gifts" (#19)  
E Miles, Mutants and Microbes 2007 Falling Free (#2), "Labyrinth" (#11) and Diplomatic Immunity (#20)  
F Young Miles 1997 The Warrior's Apprentice (#5), "The Mountains of Mourning" (#6), and The Vor Game (#8)  
G Dreamweaver's Dilemma[13] 1997 "Dreamweaver's Dilemma" (#1) and "Mountains of Mourning" (#6) OUT OF PRINT
H Test of Honor 1987 Shards of Honor (#3) and The Warrior's Apprentice (#5) OUT OF PRINT
I Vorkosigan's Game 1992 The Vor Game (#8) and everything in Borders of Infinity (#14) OUT OF PRINT

Fantasy stories (20)

Most of Bujold's fantasy stories (The Spirit Ring is an exception) take place in the "World of the Five Gods" universe, but at vastly different locations and times. The "fantasy world" shown in this table refers to a particular place/time within the entire fantasy universe.

No.  Title  Year  Fantasy world  Notes  Awards  Nominations 
1 The Spirit Ring 1993 Renaissance Italy historical setting with magic added   Locus Fantasy[14]
2 The Hallowed Hunt 2005 Chalion takes place a few hundred years prior to other books in this world, and in a different "country"   Locus Fantasy[15]
3 The Curse of Chalion 2001 Chalion prequel to Paladin of Souls (#4)   Hugo, Locus Fantasy, and World Fantasy[16]
4 Paladin of Souls 2003 Chalion sequel to The Curse of Chalion (#3) Hugo, Nebula and Locus Fantasy[17]  
5 Beguilement 2006 Sharing Knife[18] part 1 of 4    
6 Legacy 2007 Sharing Knife[18] part 2 of 4    
7 Passage 2008 Sharing Knife[18] part 3 of 4    
8 Horizon 2009 Sharing Knife[18] part 4 of 4    
9 "Penric's Demon" (novella) 2015 Penric and Desdemona     Hugo[19]
10 "Penric and the Shaman" (novella) 2016 Penric and Desdemona     Hugo[20]
11 "Penric's Fox" (novella) 2017 Penric and Desdemona set between "Penric and the Shaman" (#10) and "Penric's Mission" (#12)    
12 "Masquerade in Lodi" (novella) 2020 Penric and Desdemona      
13 "Penric's Mission" (novella) 2016 Penric and Desdemona      
14 "Mira's Last Dance" (novella) 2017 Penric and Desdemona      
15 "The Prisoner of Limnos" (novella) 2017 Penric and Desdemona      
16 "The Orphans of Raspay" (novella) 2019 Penric and Desdemona      
17 "The Physicians of Vilnoc" (novella) 2020 Penric and Desdemona      
18 The Assassins of Thasalon 2021 Penric and Desdemona      
19 "Knot of Shadows" (novella) 2021 Penric and Desdemona      
20 Knife Children 2021 Knife Children      

Omnibus books, fantasy (3)

Key  Omnibus  Year  Contents  Notes 
A Penric's Progress 2020 "Penric's Demon" (#9), "Penric and the Shaman" (#10), and "Penric's Fox" (#11)  
B Penric's Travels 2020 "Penric's Mission" (#13), "Mira's Last Dance" (#14), and "The Prisoner of Limnos" (#15)  
C Penric's Labors 2022 "Masquerade in Lodi" (#12), "The Orphans of Raspay" (#16), and "The Physicians of Vilnoc" (#17)  

Other works (3)

  • Sidelines: Talks and Essays (2013)
  • Proto Zoa: Five Early Short Stories (2011 ebook, 2016 audiobook)
  • Bujold wrote the story behind the 1988 "Barter" episode (S4:E19) of the "Tales from the Darkside" TV Series[21]

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