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A namghar is a place for community prayer (essentially a prayer hall) of the Hindu Vaishnavite Assamese community in north-eastern India. There is no idol worship in namghars. The Vaishnavites, devotees of Lord Krishna, regularly assemble in namghars to offer prayers and recite verses from holy books like kirtan, bhagwat, nam ghosa and others. These recitations are accompanied by rhythmic clapping and sometimes with ethnic musical instruments. On special festivals such as holi and janamashthami (birth of Lord Krishna) special religious theatrical performances, called bhaona (also spelt bhawana), are organized to entertain and spread religious values in the community. Thus, a namghar plays a special role in safeguarding the religious values and culture of the Assamese people, and has become an integral part of the Assamese Hindu community.

Like most religious establishments, namghars are run like charitable organizations and rely on donations and contributions from the public. Their maintenance is looked after by a governing body.