Oliver North

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Oliver North
Other names * Ollie North
  • Oliver Danson North
Oliver North mugshot crop.png
Born circa 1943
Occupation military officer, politician, author, radio personality
Known for was charged with obstructing Congress

Oliver North is an American radio personality and author, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a White House staffer.[1][2]

North is a veteran of War in Vietnam, where the medals he earned include a Silver Star and 2 Purple Hearts.[3]

North was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps when he served as a military aide in Ronald Reagan's National Security Council.[1]

He would later face trial for the illegal destruction of important classified papers. Other members of the Reagan administration, like Edwin Meese, would acknowledge, during his trial, that they were concerned if these documents became public they would trigger Reagan's impeachment.[4] North was initially convicted of obstrucing Congress, but his conviction was overturned.[5]

According to New York Daily News the public prominence the trial brought North made it possible for him to become a public commentator.[5]

In April of 1991 The New York Times reported that, during the Reagan administration, North had blocked investigation into terrorists who were aiding the Reagan administration's secret trade with Iran.[6] Victoria Toensing was reported to have been blocked in pursuing Mohammed Rashid, and was only able to effectively pursue him after North was forced to resign.

In March 2019, when Donald Trump was facing impeachment, New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie described North as a trend-setter for Republicans, for a certain kind of deception.[2]


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