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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Orbit.
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Parent topics


  • Ellipse [r]: Planar curve formed by the points whose distances to two given points add up to a given number. [e]

Some articles that refer to Orbit

  • Apollo Command-Service Module [r]: Three-man spacecraft built for NASA by North American Aviation, and one of the two spacecraft that were utilized for the Apollo program, along with the Lunar Module, to land astronauts on the Moon. [e]
  • Atmospheric reentry [r]: The movement of human-made or natural objects as they enter the atmosphere of a planet from outer space, in the case of Earth from an altitude above the 'edge of space.' [e]
  • Galaxy rotation curve [r]: Graph of a galaxies curve, represented by a plot of the orbital velocity of the stars or gas in the galaxy on the y-axis against the distance from the center of the galaxy on the x-axis. [e]
  • Galileo probe [r]: An unmanned spacecraft (1989 - 2003) sent by NASA to study the planet Jupiter and its moons. [e]
  • International Space Station [r]: A space station currently in earth orbit assembled collaboratively by the space agencies of many nations. [e]
  • Space debris [r]: Man-made objects in earth orbit that no longer serve any useful purpose. [e]