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Star Trek: Enterprise is a television series in the Star Trek franchise, constituting 98 episodes across four seasons. Initially the series was simply named 'Enterprise', the 'Star Trek' prefix being added for the series' third season. The show ran from 2001 to 2005, directly following Star Trek: Voyager, which concluded its run in 2001. The series is set in the years 2151-2155, over two hundred years earlier than the three series which directly preceded it.


The main cast of Star Trek: Enterprise is as follows:


The series follows the adventures of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, NX-01. The first two seasons are mainly composed of stand-alone stories, whilst the third can be considered one large story arc. It follows the events of a war with the multi-breeded Xindi species. The fourth season is composed of several shorter story arcs and a few stand-alone episodes. The series concludes with the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the organization which is integral to the rest of the Star Trek franchise.

Revival Campaigns

The series was canceled by its network in 2005 due to decreasing viewer numbers. At the time of cancellation, several groups were set up to campaign for the series to be extended for a fifth season. Groups such as 'Save Enterprise' launched letter-writing and fund-raising campaigns in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to promote and even privately finance a fifth season. However, groups remain active today trying to get the series restored. One calls itself the 'NX Initiative', named after the fictional starfleet programme which gave birth to the Enterprise NX-01. In light of the success of Star Trek, campaigners are now proposing the series be revived as a miniseries in a similar fashion to Farscape, or a TV-movie like the continuations of Stargate: SG1.